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Each of our readings offer information to help you understand your health, relationships, and more. The readings help you identify your gifts and talents, and offer suggestions on how to overcome challenges and limitations. Our readings are excellent personal growth tools to help you find your life purpose. The intuitive readings are similar to the Edgar Cayce readings, where we retrieve information from the Akashic records.

An optional 45-minute phone conversation with Kathryn or Patrick Andries is available with each reading ordered (for an additional fee). Kathryn or Patrick  will answer your questions and offer guidance based on the results of your reading. (With a webcam and Skype, you may enjoy this conversation with a video interface.)

Click one of the links below to learn more about the readings. When you are ready to order a reading, there are 2 steps to complete. First, complete and submit the Intuitive Readings Order Form. Second, pay for the reading by clicking on the Intuitive Readings bar under the Readings Tab, then select the type of reading you desire. 

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