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Dreamer's Club Membership

Continue your Dream Studies in a fun and interactive way with the Dreamer’s Club. We have created this opportunity for all levels of students to begin or hone your dream interpretation skills. Here is what the Dreamer’s Club will offer you:

  • You will receive 8 dream interpretations per month. You submit the dream to us via e-mail and we will identify the symbols and their meanings, and then write an interpretation.
  • Based on your dream you will receive suggestions, exercises or other steps to answer the message in the dream.
  • One 30-45 minute skype or phone session with a teacher to discuss your dreams and how they relate to your life.
  • A structure to keep you focused on your dreams. Continuity is key to becoming an expert dream interpreter.

You will submit your dreams via e-mail to: You will receive a written interpretation of your dream within 1 week.

After you purchase your club memebership, you will download the discount code which allows you to buy the dream book at 50% off. When you purchase the book "Dream Symbols Revealed" there will be a box to enter the discount code on the order form.