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Running Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed

If you have ever wondered who those people were in your dreams, or what it means to fly in a dream, this book is for you. Dream Symbols Revealed will put an end to your fears about the meaning of your dreams through accurate explanations about their purpose, and the meaning of more than 300 symbols. This guidebook teaches you how to decode your dreams using a systematic approach that works for any symbol, and any person throughout the world. Various types of common dreams such as being naked in a public place, or nightmares are explored and decoded.

 The power of dreams cannot be underestimated when famous inventors such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison admit receiving helpful insights from their dreams.  Buy this 44 page downloadable book and start taking advantage of your free dream class every night. (Note that the order form indicates that the product will be shipped by UPS. Ignore this: the course will be available in downloadable format at the end of the checkout process.)