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The Dreamer's Club

The Dreamer's Club

The Dreamer’s Club

 Continue or begin your Dream Studies with this unique interactive opportunity!
For a low monthly membership you will receive:
Up to eight dreams interpreted just for you EVERY month
You submit the dream to us via e-mail and we will identify the symbols and their meanings, and then write the dream message.
This is an incredible opportunity to discuss how your dreams relate to your life by looking for patterns and themes with an experienced dream weaver.
A 50% discount on the book :
 “Dream Symbols Revealed.”
 (You will receive a discount code to enter when buying the dream book when you purchase your club membership).
Whether you are just beginning to explore your dreams or have been working with your dreams for awhile, we have created this opportunity for you to excel in your dream interpretation skills.
Suggestions, exercises or other steps that will help you to answer the message in EACH dream.
 A structure to keep you focused on your dreams. Continuity is key to becoming an expert dream interpreter.
 Most people pay $100 OR MORE for a session with a psychologist, and never get to the root of their issues like your dreams will.
Dreams offer you invaluable insights about your life purpose, state of mind, and your health. Dreams are a direct link to your subconscious mind, which is a critical key to your spiritual growth.
 At the individual dream interpretation rate of $15 per dream, you would be paying $120 dollars a month for 8 dreams to be interpreted! 
So we have created an opportunity for you to save $70 a month to work with an expert in the Art of Dream Interpretation.
You pay only $75 a month to receive 8 interpretations, a monthly private session with an expert dream weaver, and a half price dream symbol guide. What an incredible way to keep you focused on your dreams, and have a structure and teacher to guide you along the way.

You will submit your dreams to:, and we will send you the interpretation within one week. Write "Dreamer's Club" in the subject line of your e-mail.
Click here to purchase a one month membership. If you like the club benefits, you may continue to purchase another one month membership, however you will not be automatically billed for another month.