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Dream Course Syllabus

Dream Course Syllabus

Learn the Hidden Messages in Your Dreams

Our self-study Dream Interpretation Course will teach you how to:

Interpret the language of dream symbols  

Use the power of your mind and thoughts to affect your dreams

Gain an understanding of your spiritual nature and your many qualities
Identify how you can respond to your dreams in your daily life
Release old unconscious patterns

Dream Course outline:                               

1              What is a Dream

·         History & Significance of Dreams

·         The Three Main Divisions of Mind

·         The Language of Mind & Dream Symbols

·         Techniques to Remember Your Dreams

·         Daily Exercises and Activities

2              The Power of Mind and Thought

·         Dream Symbols From Each Level of Mind

·         Types of Dreams

·         8 Steps to Dream Interpretation

·         Daily Exercises and Activities

3              The Physiological Process of Dreaming

·         The Many Aspects of You

·         Responding to Your Dreams

·         Dream Interpretation Exercise

·         Daily Exercises and Activities

·         Dream Symbol Guide

4              Maintaining Conscious Awareness in Your Dreams

·         Dreaming from All Levels of Mind

·         Connecting with Your Spiritual Nature

·         Dreams and Life Purpose

·         Dream Interpretation Exercise