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Discover Your Life Purpose Counseling
This is a unique method to understand yourself  and your life purpose. The entire life purpose package includes 8 personal sessions with Kathryn Andrie focused on the six paths; astrology, numerology, palmistry, iris analysis, past lives, and family birth order. Kathryn will dedicate each session to exploring one of these paths, applying this information to understanding your gifts and talents, and lessons. You will receive a notebook with written information, charts and CD's of each session. Kathryn leaves no stone unturned when it comes to understanding your life mission.
You can benefit in many ways from individualized sessions with me. During our sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as needed. Based on the information in your application, the sessions will be focused on the life areas you desire. You may focus on one or all of these areas:
Spiritual development
Family issues
You will also be given specific exercises, and assignments to overcome challenges and improve your life.
I guarantee you will learn everything about yourself necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life.
*A copy of the book, "Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose."
* 8 personal consultation meetings with Kathryn Andries (over the phone, taped, or in person)
*a tape of each session
* A binder with written material from each of the 6 paths.
*Unlimited e-mail access to me
*Monthly Life Purpose article
Individually designed program with exercises, readings, and activities to put your life purpose into action.
Here is an outline of the sessions:
1.Intake session: this is a 30 minute session where we review your application and discuss your needs and goals for the life purpose work.
2. Numerology: 60-90 minute numerological consultation.
3. Astrology: 60-90 minute astrological natal chart reading.
4.Palmistry: 60-90 minute palm reading.
5. Iris analysis: 60-90 minute iris reading.
6. Family and birth order: 60-90 minute reading on your family influences and birth order significance.
7. Past life reading: You will receive a taped reading (20-40 minute reading)and a follow up session for 30-60 minutes.
8.Final analysis: 60-90 minute consultation that integrates all the life purpose information.
Sessions can be conveniently arranged to meet your scheduling needs: days, evenings, some weekends.
If you are ready to transform your life, the first step is to fill out the application and registration form and mail, or fax it back to me. After I have reviewed your application, I will contact you to set up our first session.

The fee for the entire life purpose counseling series is $1500.
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