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Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself

Would I like to know the purpose of my life?

The meaning of my dreams?

My past lives?

Would I like to learn how to visualize and fulfill my desires?

Meditate and improve my concentration?

Do I want to be more intuitive?

The School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences may help you find these answers and achieve your highest potential.

Education for Body, Mind and Spirit
Live Your Best Life Ever

Live Your Best Life Ever

Are you interested in a career in the Personal Growth Field?

Spiritual Mastery Certification Training

Are you seeking guidance in the areas of Relationships, Health, and Career?

Book a Reading

Do you want to find your Life Purpose?

Life Purpose Guidance

Are you Curious about the Meaning of Your Dreams?

Dream Interpretation Services

Do you ever wish you came into this world with an owner's manual for the mind?  Check out our book by Patrick Andries, Owner's Manual For The Mind. Click here for information in speaking programs about this topic. 

Our mission is to teach the Universal Laws and Metaphysical principles which govern the universe. We are unique among metaphysical schools because we promote wellness and development of mind and body by addressing all levels of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. We believe that if you understand how to use the Universal Laws and your mind, you can create anything you desire.

Accomplishing our Mission

Accomplishing our Mission

There are several ways we can help you promote your personal growth with metaphysical science:

Spiritual Mastery Series

We have a Spiritual Mastery Series composed of nine classes. These nine classes offer exercises, activities, and personal growth tools to develop your mental and intuitive abilities as well as specific processes to create and fulfill your desires. Students will learn how to find their life purpose, heal relationship wounds and create fulfilling partnerships.


We offer four types of intuitive readings: Past Life, Past Life Relationship, Health, and Business. The readings offer insights into past attitudes and thought patterns that may be blocking you in your life. You will receive suggestions as to how to overcome past challenges and fulfill your life purpose.
We also offer four other types of readings, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and iris analysis.

Healing Services
We offer individual healing sessions tailored to meet your needs. We understand that maintaining balance as you progress in your spiritual journey is important for your success. Sessions may include healing therapies such as Quantum Touch,  Intuitive Breathing,  health coaching and life purpose counseling.

Dream interpretation is an integral part of our program. They serve as a foundation to a solid spiriutal foundation and understanding of self. There are several ways to begin your understanding of dreams; the self-study course, The Art Of Dream Interpretation, Dream Interpretation service by our expert dream interpreters, the book "Dream Symbols Revealed" and The Dreamer's Club.

Whether you choose our classes, readings, or healing services, let the journey of your personal growth begin!